Recognising Sam’s commitment to a better tomorrow

Our Marketing & Engagement manager for APAC/IMEA, Samantha Gibbons, did such an impressive job leading Gallagher’s contribution to the community in Australia, she’s the inaugural recipient of a new award.


Our Security team in Australia recently raised $13,500 for Bravehearts - one of Australia’s leading childhood protection organisations. That all came about thanks to Sam Gibbons says Marketing Manager for Australia, Tessa Williams.

“Our partnership with Bravehearts is a direct result of Sam’s ongoing commitment to helping Gallagher build a better tomorrow – in many ways. While the success of the event was a team effort, we must thank Sam for making it possible.”

Sam is always looking at how we can improve – whether switching to digital forms as opposed to paper, being more ethically conscious when sourcing merchandise and supporting local Australian businesses where possible, or how Gallagher can grow its community presence across Australia.

“It’s the small things such as not printing physical brochures, and instead sending people to a digital library through QR codes, where we can make a difference within our marketing roles,” says Tessa.

It was Sam’s focus on community engagement that brought Bravehearts into the picture.

“We were keen to look at sponsoring a local community group, and Sam suggested Bravehearts,” says Events Specialist, Nicola Etherington.

“After we looked closer at them, we were excited to see their values, mission statement, and goals all had a strong alignment to our own. Plus, their headquarters being only 20 minutes down the road was a bonus!

Sam also played a major part in Security’s support of Men’s Shed Association, one of Australia’s largest male-based community development organisations - providing facilities for older males to meet, socialise and bond over a shared love of all types of building projects.

“Our partnership with Men’s Shed saw us donate complete SMB solutions to hubs around Australia. Thanks to the work of National SMB Manager, Greg O’Neill, who works with our SMB Partners to have the product installed free of charge, we’re proud to support such an important organisation,” says Tessa. 

With so much passion and determination to support the local community, Craig Schutte, Security’s Executive Vice President – APAC & IMEA, created a Community Services Award which recognises those who make a significant contribution within the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) area.

“Our special partnership with Bravehearts was formed last year thanks to Samantha. It was her tireless passion and commitment to a better tomorrow that led her to exploring a range of sustainability ideas and initiatives, with a goal of creating a regional framework, so that we have something to build on in Australia in the years to come,” says Craig.

“We created our own Community Services Award here in Australia to acknowledge Sam and her contribution to forming this partnership, and the work she has done to establish a CSR framework for our Australian Sales Team.”

While Sam is the inaugural recipient, Craig plans to continue awarding the Community Services Award to those in our Australian team who are championing sustainability and leading by example – and it’s clear that with so much shared commitment to serving the community, it will be in hot competition!

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