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Here at Gallagher, we’re proudly powered from Waikato, New Zealand to the world. We deliver game changing tech that solves real world problems for customers in over 160 countries.

Our purpose – protect what matters most – drives us to innovate. For farmers and life stylers, that could mean protecting livestock from escaping or keeping the family farm safe for future generations. And for security customers from small to medium businesses through to large multinational corporations, that could mean protecting people & assets and a whole heap more.

Our sponsorships are an extension of what we stand for.

For the community, this means a range of things. From protecting the future for kids, to protecting a charity’s premises, through to protecting the try line from the opposing rugby team.

For over 85 years we have been committed to multiple long-standing programmes of support and assistance. This page outlines a few community support examples we’re involved with throughout the world.

Cultivate Trust

New Zealand

As Gallagher continues to grow as a leading technology company, providing high-tech farming systems and world class security solutions, there is a growing need for people with technical expertise.

This isn’t a challenge we’re facing alone however. Finding talented Software Engineers, Developers, Testers, Analysts and Architects in the Waikato is an ongoing challenge for many businesses – including ours – and we’re proud to do our bit to help.

Cultivate Trust and their initiative ‘Tech in the Tron’ aims to attract top tech industry professionals to the Hamilton area by showcasing the Waikato as a great place to live and work, linking candidates to potential job opportunities, and more broadly by demonstrating the tech innovation that is being powered from the region.

Coastguard - Raglan and Waihi Beach

New Zealand

Raglan and Waihi Beach Coastguard are made up of passionate volunteers who help to save lives at sea. Being an island nation, it’s no wonder so many New Zealanders have a passion for boating and water activities.

Coastguard ensured almost 8000 people were safely brought home last year. At Gallagher, we exist to protect what matters most, and this is a fantastic example of that.

Waikato University

New Zealand

Waikato University is one of the top 100 educational institutes in the world, and it’s on the doorstep of our global headquarters in Hamilton. Fostering and supporting the next generation of innovation and talent ensures we’re protecting what matters most: the future.

Gallagher has a range of sponsorships with Waikato University; from Cyber Security scholarships, to Engineering scholarships, through to the Naming Rights of the Gallagher Performing Arts Centre.

Ka’aute Pasifika Community Village

New Zealand

K’aute Pasifika is a charitable trust based in Hamilton providing health, education, employment and social services to Pasifika communities and all other ethnicities who visit this newly built community village. Gallagher supported the community hub project through the donation of industry leading security hardware and software, ensuring the protection of the facility, its assets, and people.

Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopter

New Zealand

The Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopter was founded in 1987 and has undertaken more than 15,000 missions since its inception. Research suggests that if an injured person is transferred to hospital within an hour of an accident, their chance of survival increases from 30 to 60 percent. With so many New Zealanders enjoying the excitement and adventure of the country’s rugged bush and coastal terrain, Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopters and air ambulance provide a critical service in the event of accident or injury.

Gallagher has sponsored the amazing team at Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopters for more than 35 years to protect the lives of Kiwis young and old.

Gallagher Hockey Centre

New Zealand

The Gallagher Hockey Centre is Waikato’s main home of hockey for the region. Gallagher Hockey Centre sees 110,000 visitors each year and hosts thousands of games of hockey from juniors to representative players, to top international talent.

Gallagher has been supporting Waikato Hockey for over 25 years, protecting the game of hockey for all to enjoy.

The Gallagher Chiefs

New Zealand

The Gallagher Chiefs are a name synonymous with success in one of the world’s toughest and most respected professional rugby competitions. Supporting the team at the elite level, but also supporting the club with community activity that reaches out to all ages and encourages engagement with the team and the sport itself.

Whether it’s protecting the ball, electrifyingly good tackles, or securing the game-winning kick, we’re behind Gallagher Chiefs all the way.

Support to make the Waikato a vibrant place to live and work - Waikato Regional Theatre, FMG Stadium, Hamilton City Gardens, Waikato Innovation Park

New Zealand

Our global headquarters is in Hamilton, New Zealand, and is home to over 800 Gallagher people.

We have varying levels of sponsorship with a number of leading venues that help promote the Waikato region to the world stage as a great place to live and work, proving that you can achieve world class accomplishments from anywhere in the world.



Bravehearts is Australia’s leading child protection agency. Supporting Bravehearts to provide industry-leading child protection training and education programmes, specialist child sexual abuse counselling and support services, as well as research and lobbying.

Men’s Shed


Men’s Shed Association is one of Australia’s largest community development organisations - men often have a hard time talking about their emotions, which can impact their mental health greatly. Men’s Shed provides facilities for men to meet, socialise and bond over a shared love of all types of community DIY projects: from fixing bikes for a school, making bird traps to protect the local habitat, or making furniture for charity.

Protecting people’s mental health is a great initiative, which is why the provision of security systems to protect and secure the expensive machinery and tools that each and every Men's Shed requires is an easy choice for Gallagher Australia to be leading.

Landcare Australia


Gallagher is committed to supporting Australian farmers by providing farm-fit solutions to help simplify the challenges faced by those working on the land. Our passion for finding long-term sustainable solutions to problems, and drive to protect what matters most, has culminated in a partnership with Landcare Australia.

Since 2018, Gallagher Australia’s Landcare Electric Fencing Grants have provided permanent electric fence materials to support graziers, land carers and community groups to undertake fencing projects with tangible environmental or sustainable agricultural outcomes.

Gallagher Landcare Electric Fencing Grants have supported over 60 conservation projects across Australia.

Supporting grass roots clubs in our communities

Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand

Gallagher has a rich history of investing in and supporting grass roots sport of all types and in many regions throughout the globe. We’re delighted to have run a huge variety of initiatives to support community sport and recreation clubs. Just a few examples include:

  • Women’s and Men’s rugby at the University of St Andrews
  • Gold Coast District Rugby Union
  • Northern Tasmania Junior Soccer Association
  • Brighton Rugby Union Football Club, South Australia

Macmillan Cancer Support

United Kingdom

Macmillan Cancer Support delivers outstanding emotional, physical, and financial support for people living with cancer at every stage of their cancer experience. The Gallagher team in the UK have embarked on multiple ways to support the charity both financially and by being active contributors through the likes of running fundraising quiz events to supporting coffee mornings, hikes, golf days and much more.

Yes Charity

United Kingdom

London-based not-for-profit ‘Yes’ are on a mission to create opportunities for at-risk youth by providing support and opportunities for sports and community clubs.

Throughout 2022, activities for the Gallagher UK team with Yes included; taking a group of young people to a racing yacht day with some of the Gallagher team, and another initiative to take children along to an outdoor activities and challenges event. Yes aims to support the ongoing learning and development of these young people who otherwise have very limited opportunity to experience such unique opportunities.

Don Bosco Centers


In 2022 our US team linked up with the Don Bosco Centers in Kansas City, an organisation that helps families in need by providing essential services, meals and helping raise people above adversity – with a special emphasis on children.

As well as providing financial support for this worthy cause, there has also been a hands-on part to this with the team working with the centers to fill fridges and pantries, as well as contributing toys, candy and much more.

Educational support


Inquisitive minds have kept Gallagher humming for over 85 years, so we understand the importance of inspiring and preparing the next generation of leaders. As such, Gallagher are proud to support numerous schools across the globe, providing everything from modern technology to sporting equipment, educational materials, tools, and clothing.

Pinewood Elementary School in Florida, USA, was a recent recipient of Gallagher’s support with our US team stepping up to provide funds to support students with a range of incredibly positive educational opportunities and outcomes.

The Gallagher Garden


Gallagher’s North American team, who are based in Kansas City, created a Community Garden that is used to raise produce and donate to four local charities that are desperately in need of help. There has been a great response from the team to get behind this worthwhile initiative and help make it happen.

The garden is an ongoing project by our people to protect the wellbeing of those in their community.

Habitat for Humanity


Substandard living conditions, overcrowding, dampness, and a lack of services & insulation are all elements which effect the health and wellbeing of tens of millions of people worldwide. Gallagher is proud to have sent teams to many corners of the globe - from Thailand to Vietnam, Cambodia and beyond - to assist in the home building projects of Habitat for Humanity amongst the poorest of communities.

From building to labouring, painting to plastering, roofing and beyond, Gallagher teams continue to play their part with this amazing organisation.

Gallagher Sponsorship

Gallagher receives many sponsorship proposals each year. While we’d love to be able to participate in all of them, unfortunately we’re unable to.

At present, Gallagher is focused on ensuring our current sponsorship partners receive the time and resources required to support them and are currently not seeking new sponsorships.

Please feel free to check back at a later date.

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