Living our purpose

Gallagher's company purpose - protect what matters most - means something different to each and every one of our team. In this story, few Gallagher people share what it means to them.

For all of our team, protection isn’t just about our products - it’s an idea which hits home on many different levels, both in a personal and professional capacity. Kansas City-based Vice President of Finance & Administration, Julie McGovern, loves its simple brilliance - she says it really fits with our culture of being a family and taking care of our team, our customers, and our business.  

“Personally, protecting what matters most means taking care of my family. My three daughters mean the world to me, and I would do anything to keep them safe and healthy,” says Julie. “In my Gallagher role, we’ve always prioritised the caretaking of our team here in the US and Canada. This has been especially the case during the COVID pandemic - our number one priority is keeping our team safe and healthy, so that we can take good care of our customers.” 

‘Simple brilliance’ was a notion echoed by Chief Marketing Officer for Security, Evan Morgans, who identifies with our new purpose in more ways than one. “At its very base, it’s what’s at the absolute core of protecting, nurturing, and providing for my family,” he explains. 

“In the context of Gallagher, it talks to the people and #TeamGallagher. If we’re all connected and motivated, we’ll deliver immeasurable value to those we provide goods and services for. From a Security perspective, it’s just plain obvious… protect is a synonym for what we provide to the world!” 

Hamilton-based Operational Excellence Manager for IS, Mark Howes, who owns a lifestyle block, explains that for him, protection means keeping his horses, cattle, and sheep safe using our Animal Management products. But it’s also about the bigger picture.  

“Living in rural New Zealand, many of our friends are dependent on farming for their livelihood. I’m proud to work for an organisation which helps protect our community and one of NZ’s primary industries.”  

Across the ditch, General Manager for Animal Management in Australia, Malcolm Linn, has a similar outlook. “’Protect what matters most’ really hits home to me in that our brand can protect our environment every day through creating increased biodiversity, delivering sustainable agricultural productivity, and safeguarding the wellbeing of our communities.”  

The team see our values as facilitating the achievement of our purpose. Despite our purpose and values being relatively new, Evan and Mark both link them back to our Gallagher roots and history - expressing the way we operate with a newfound simplicity.  

“I absolutely love that they are centered on trust and respect,” says Evan. “I feel like putting the spotlight on them will give people permission to speak up and be heard. So I see these two centric values as being a bit of a health check on each of us to check-in with, hold ourselves accountable, and ask ourselves whether we are being true to them.” 

Mark explains that during his career, ways of working have shifted from a command-control model to one of distributed thinking - a change which really aligns with our values refresh. “This really resonates with building lasting relationships, trusting one another, and respecting all voices.” 

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