Standing up for human and labour rights

Our annual modern slavery report 2023 has recently been completed. 


In 2022, we committed to opposing all forms of modern slavery and ensuring it does not exist in any part of our operations or supply chain. Our purpose at Gallagher is to protect what matters most, and respect for people and a commitment to a better tomorrow are key values in helping us to achieve this.

Our annual modern slavery report 2023 reviewed our operations and those of our largest manufacturing suppliers. We found no cases of modern slavery, but we identified a few suppliers with a high risk of modern slavery because of the countries they operate in. We are now working with those sup
pliers to put actions in place to reduce their risk.

Gallagher’s Modern Slavery Statement (which can be viewed on our website here) contains:

• Background information on our supply chain, including the most common categories sourced, and the process undertaken to understand modern slavery risks.
• An assessment of our modern slavery risks, and actions taken to mitigate modern slavery risks.
• Next steps on key actions to be taken to mitigate potential future modern slavery risks.

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