Gavin's story of resourcefulness and problem solving

Hamilton-based Gavin Brewer has found the perfect mix for using his resourcefulness and love of problem solving in his role as a Service & Repair Technician within Animal Management. 


Gavin, who has a background in electronics engineering and computer technology, worked at Nuatech Electronics in Auckland before moving to Gallagher two years ago. He says he was attracted because of our reputation in research and development, workplace culture and the opportunities for personal and career growth.

“Gallagher was top of my list when we were looking to move to Hamilton for a better lifestyle and since joining the company, I have had some great opportunities,” says Gavin.
“I love that every day is different, and I get the chance to be resourceful and problem solve in my role.”

Gavin has cemented himself as a specialist, working with Animal Management’s innovative Sheep Auto Drafter, and travels across New Zealand, assisting customers with servicing, repairs, and maintenance, ensuring the equipment's optimal performance.
The Sheep Auto Drafter is a fully automated weighing and drafting system. Farmers who buy the product are also set up with regular servicing and support.
Gavin’s dedication to problem-solving and technical support shines through as he helps customers find solutions to their challenges to make sure the high-value product is always working in top condition.
“I’ve definitely seen some beautiful parts of the country traveling around helping our customers. It’s incredibly satisfying being able to problem solve and be resourceful in getting the right solutions for them,” says Gavin.
Gavin also provides technical support for most other solutions in our animal management catalogue, including weigh scales, energizers, and EID tag readers.
“I don’t come from a farming background, but I appreciate how the solutions Gallagher is producing is helping New Zealand farmers be more efficient and farm more sustainably. For me being involved in a business with that focus is really important too,” says Gavin.
Gavin has a strong sustainability focus on his own life. He cycles 13km to work each day to our Hamilton office, and he enjoys tackling DIY projects at home, upcycling, and repurposing materials.
Recently, he built an outdoor table from scratch and repurposed a gazebo into a protective bird netting cover for his blueberry bushes. His family also makes conscious efforts to reduce their environmental footprint, trying to maintain a plastic-free lifestyle as much as they can with children and making eco-friendly choices whenever possible.

In his downtime, Gavin also enjoys exploring the New Zealand bush and cycling with his family.

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