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Gallagher Announces New North American Base

18 June, 2012

KANSAS CITY, US - Gallagher's expansion in the North American market will be based at Riverside Horizons, a master planned business park developed by NorthPoint Development, in Kansas City.

The 56,000 square foot facility will house Gallagher’s North American Headquarters and 33 of the company’s 77 employees in North America. The company will operate their sales management, distribution, administration, marketing and warehousing operations of this facility. The facility will be built at the intersection of Horizons Parkway and NW 41st Street and will serve as a highly visible entrance into the Horizons Business Park.Gallagher’s commitment to quality is seen in the design and material selection used in the construction of the building and was highly commended by the City of Riverside. “Welcoming Gallagher into our City is a significant day for Riverside,” Mayor Kathy Rose said. “This is exactly the type of company the City envisioned as an occupant when we selected NorthPoint Development as our master developer.”

One of New Zealand’s most successful private companies, Gallagher is a global leader in the innovation and design of technology for Animal Management, Security systems and Fuel systems. Sir William Gallagher is CEO/Chairman of the company which has operated since 1938 and now employs over 1000 staff worldwide across 130 countries.

Business activity in the US began in the early seventies with the introduction of the world’s first high powered electric fence to the agricultural sector. Sales of the perimeter security electric fence followed in 1990; the access management platform shortly after.Gallagher Deputy CEO, Steve Tucker, says the company’s decision to further develop its base in North America is being driven by commercial opportunities for animal management and security. “We’re excited about the new development as it demonstrates Gallagher’s commitment to the local economy as well as our commercial activity in the US. We have been looking at suitable commercial land for the past year as our current property lease expires in 2013.”

Construction on the facility is set to begin in June and conclude with occupancy before January 2013.

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