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Gallagher and Child Fund New Zealand improve 1500 family lives

14 November, 2014

JOHANNESBURG, SA - Gallagher - global leader in Animal Management, Security, Fuel Systems and Contract Manufacturing – partnered with ChildFund New Zealand to donate much needed infrastructure to improve 1500 families’ lives in two communities namely Yapite and Kayalmanja in South Luangwa, Zambia. Project planning started in 2012 and the two fences were completed by the end of October 2014.

Sir William Gallagher of the Gallagher Group New Zealand donated parts for the fence construction which were supplied from the Gallagher South African operation.  Gallagher also teamed up with a local channel partner Maclin Power Fencing who trained the locals in fence construction and maintenance.

“Training the locals to maintain the fencing structure presents a more sustainable model for future proofing the success of the project. Over the years we have seen many projects donated by foreigners but unfortunately over a period of time they collapse as there is a lack of skills to keep the equipment in running order” said Mike Foley, Gallagher South Africa Regional Manager.

“This effort was to aid people who live in communities where cultivation of crops is severely compromised by the regular invasion of elephants, pigs, porcupine and antelope. Being able to give to this community project is truly humbling. Now we hope the protected crops will meet the necessities of each family.”

Before the fence installation, families would move into makeshift huts in the fields, during the growing season, spending all day working on their crops and then all night protecting them from unwanted visitors. This routine presented many dangers including greater exposure to Malaria, and animal attacks with nine people dying from elephant attacks in the last five years.

Additional funding to help with the construction of the fence was provided by the New Zealand Government’s Aid Programme. Upon completion of the project two fences roughly 17km in length and encompassing over 11Square kilometres had been installed. The fences are run off solar-powered energizers providing the communities a cost effective solution which will help to preserve the livelihoods of hundreds of families.

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