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Animal Management

Our pedigree in animal management systems brings more than 75 years of expertise, ground-breaking ideas and inspirational technology to our customers.

As the market leader in electric fencing and weighing and electronic identification (EID) systems our in-field teams work closely with customers to offer product selection advice, training and support for all our solutions.

Electric Fence Systems

Gallagher has a solution for every electric fence system requirement. Our complete range of electric fencing is cost-effective, durable and designed to exceed your expectations. Systems include:

  • Energizers
  • Fence components
  • Management tools

Weighing and EID Systems

A full range of simple to use, sturdy and technologically advanced animal weighing, data collection and EID systems helps you monitor the performance of your animals and maximise the profitability of your farm. Our systems include:

  • Weighing and data collectors
  • Loadbars
  • Handheld and fixed in place EID readers
  • Platforms and weighing accessories
  • Sheep Auto Drafter

Gallagher On Farm Service

Our On Farm service helps you with the selection, purchase and installation of our products and provides all the training you need to ensure that they deliver exceptional performance, reliably and cost-effectively.