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Gallagher Continues to Build Key Partnerships in India

27 September, 2011

GUJARAT, IN - Gallagher's association with the Indian government and business community is extremely positive following a recent visit to Gujarat by Gallagher CEO, Sir William Gallagher.
That’s according to IBEX Gallagher Manager, NV Gautham, who recently hosted the New Zealand businessman in India.
Sir William was a key speaker at the Fire & Security Association of India (Gujarat Chapter) seminar on Emerging Trends in Perimeter and Integrated Access Security. The event, sponsored by regional office Ibex Gallagher Private Limited, was attended by over 180 delegates including key government authorities engaged in security solutions & risk management businesses.
Expressing his views on the Seminar, Mr. Pankaj Dharkar, (President - FSAI Gujarat Chapter) said, “The rising level of security threat has become a major cause of concern not only for government institutions and big corporate houses but also for small entrepreneurs. Major incidents of intrusion have become very common and to prevent such incidents, we need to adopt integrated security solutions applying advanced technology. In this rapidly changing scenario, various security solutions available in the market acquire new dimensions in line with the technological advancement and seminars like this would help us to understand and adopt this kind of new solutions.” Mr. Dharkar explained that this is why Sir William Gallagher was invited to present at the seminar. “He is an excellent leader and well known for his pioneering efforts in electric power fence systems.”
Gallagher has developed electric perimeter fence systems as a first line of defence. The systems provide a unique physical and psychological barrier to detect and deter would-be intruders and are installed around the world by some of the most demanding customers including organizations in the utilities, transport, airports, ports, corrections and defense sectors through to a wide range of commercial, manufacturing, self storage and distribution sites.
Gallagher systems can be installed stand alone or directly interfaced with any other type of intruder alarm, access control, or integrated security system for arming and disarming zones, alarm monitoring and signaling.

While in India, Sir William also joined key IBEX Gallagher staff at a meeting with the Gujarat Chief Minister, Honorable Shri Narendra Modi, to discuss ideas on better security management for the State of Gujarat. The discussions were focused on protection of State Boundaries / perimeter and protection of important premises which are most vulnerable for attack, with implantation of proper system and policy for perimeter protection & integrated security for better management.

Sir William Gallagher says "The Government of Gujarat has Gallagher's full support in its endeavor to provide a safer, secure and stronger Gujarat."

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