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NZ Government Backs Gallagher Group with Major R&D Grant

15 December, 2010

Gallagher Group will be the beneficiary of a technology development grant worth $7.2 million over three years.
NZ Government is spending $92 million over three years on business R&D through the new Technology Development Grant programme announced in this year’s budget and 2010 International Business Award winner, Gallagher Group, is on the recipients list.
Announcing grants to 26 companies nation-wide Research, Science and Technology Minister Wayne Mapp said that lifting high-tech export business is critical to New Zealand’s future.
“Increasing exports is an essential part of the Government’s economic strategy. These grants demonstrate the Government’s commitment to invest in businesses that have the ambition to grow through R&D,” he said. “Twenty-six companies all over New Zealand are reaping the rewards of their ongoing commitment to R&D to grow their business. They are among the most innovative businesses in New Zealand. They have demonstrated their success through year on year increases in revenue.”
The companies span a range of sectors including manufacturing, biotechnology, 3D scanning and modelling, furniture design, digital technologies and software.
“This is about backing winners. These businesses are trailblazers in their commitment to innovation. The TIN100 list contains 19 of the 26 companies who are receiving grants today. New Zealand’s leading high-tech companies need to retain their competitive edge in global markets for the benefit of us all. Helping to take some of the risk out of R&D will encourage these firms to stretch for more ambitious goals."
“This is the largest business investment the Government has ever made in helping business innovate. The businesses will have more financial certainty over the next three years. They will be able to accelerate the development of innovative products and services and take them to their clients all over the world,” the Minister said.
Gallagher Group CEO Bill Gallagher says R&D plays a major role in the growth of the organization and Government’s recognition of this commitment is encouraging for future opportunities.
“Our significant investment in R&D ensures we win a competitive advantage in the access control, perimeter security and animal management systems market and this is proven by over 160 patents worldwide.”
Mr Gallagher says the Group’s R&D team of 90-plus staff has detailed and deep knowledge of electric fence technology, radio frequency identification, IT and security requirements, data encryption, high security applications, systems integration and industrial design.
“Our organisation has the ability to leverage the competencies and resources from all divisions within the Gallagher Group. Our in-house resources for tool making, plastics and electronics manufacturing and logistics mean that production can be controlled end to end from concept design to manufacturing. The benefits of this include quality control, rapid development and deployment to manufacture, and the ability to produce economic short runs as well as large production capability. All of this is centrally managed on our Hamilton site.”
Gallagher Group has celebrated a variety of success in 2010 including winning the NZTE World Class Manufacturing Award, International Business Awards and NZ Plastic and Design Awards.

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