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Innovative Gallagher Design Acknowledged At Design Awards

2 October, 2012

Gallagher’s innovative product design has been acknowledged once again with the recently released Multi-Strand Gate for animal management announced as a finalist in the 2012 Designers Institute New Zealand Best Awards.

Design Team Project Leader, Cris Dorlas, says the Multi Strand Gate is an innovative new electric gate system designed to accompany an electric fence for retaining livestock. “The new gate kit is robust, easy to install and use, and able to withstand the demands of the professional farming sector. It also provides a simple, intuitive and aesthetically pleasing product for both the professional farmer and the expanding lifestyle farming market.

”The new design has been inspired by customer research which highlighted the existing products on offer can be awkward to use while fabricated steel gates are heavy, time consuming to install and costly.“The other feedback we had is that the existing single strand handle product on the market is a more cost effective and lightweight option, but was found to be time consuming to set up and use and didn’t carry the Gallagher brand DNA.” 

Supplied as a pre-assembled kitset, the Multi-strand gate system requires minimal installation.  “With a lightweight robust over-moulded plastic post around a metal tube core the product is durable and will insulate the user from electrical current while providing multiple handling areas.”
Further evidence of achieving quality, fit for purpose products for our customers is the design and manufacturing process which offers two product lengths to satisfy on farm requirements for 2-3 strands, primarily used in the cattle/dairy industry, and 4 strand option, a more secure containment for mixed small and large animals found on sheep and beef farms and lifestyle farms.

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