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Dairy Award Recognises Contribution of Sir William Gallagher

27 September, 2011

Sir William Gallagher’s contribution to the dairy sector has been acknowledged by the New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards Trust with the presentation of a Lifetime Achievement Award.
Trust chair Barbara Kuriger says Sir William (pictured right with other Dairy Awards recipients) is known as one of New Zealand’s most astute businessmen and chairs the successful Waikato exporter of animal management, fencing and security systems, Gallagher Group.
“We selected Sir William for this award as he has taken a proud and iconic New Zealand company and succeeded internationally. He is also viewed by the trustees as an outstanding New Zealander and a fine example to current and prospective business people. His company’s contribution to New Zealand farming systems has been huge.”
Mrs Kuriger presented Sir William with a trophy during the launch of the 2012 New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards – the New Zealand Sharemilker/Equity Farmer of the Year, New Zealand Farm Manager of the Year and the New Zealand Dairy Trainee of the Year competitions. He is just the second recipient of an awards trust Lifetime Achievement, with retired Massey University professor Colin Holmes the inaugural recipient in 2009.
In presenting the award, Mrs Kuriger said: “Sir William is a natural leader, whose communication skills and business influence is nationally and internationally recognised. He has created a work environment that encourages personal empowerment and independent thinking.
"A true entrepreneur, he has a sense of urgency and controlled risk taking, which is supported and managed by the positive team he works with."
She said Sir William’s major skill was his ability to communicate across language and social barriers with an emphasis on ethics and integrity in his professional and personal dealings.
“Sir William has a strong and active commitment to the environment he lives and works in – Gallagher is a major sponsor of the Rescue Helicopter, Waikato Stadium, Mounted Police, Gallagher Family Hospice, Gallagher Hockey Centre and the establishment of the Performing Arts centre at Waikato University.”
On display at the presentation was a range of Gallagher animal management and fencing equipment including some of the group’s earliest fencing technology.

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