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Gallagher delivers innovative solutions that exceed expectations. We redefine what’s possible to provide our customers with products they often never knew they needed. It's an approach that's in our DNA, as our record of innovation proves.

Today - Continuing to Redefine What's Possible

Today, Gallagher is still led by Sir William Gallagher. We distribute to 130 markets around the world and employ over 1,000 people globally.

2016 - Solution to Use Mobile Technology in Place of Traditional Access Cards

Harnessing Bluetooth wireless technology and the power of smart phones, Gallagher Mobile Connect transforms a mobile phone in to an access device - empowering businesses to use mobile technology in place of traditional access cards.

2016 - Extending Visibility and Control of Access and Perimeter Alarms

Command Centre v7.50 introduces a mobile application which significantly extends visibility and control of access and perimeter alarms.

2015 - The World's Most Powerful Energizer

In 2015, the world's most powerful Energizer, Fence Energizer M10,000i, was introduced.

2014 - Ring Top Post

Providing a super strong design, the award-winning Ring Top Post significantly prevents abrasion and tangling.

2013 - Pumping Orange DNA

2013 - Gallagher's fuel systems division launches the latest range of pump products, PULSE, offering a new version of electronics, including an orange display panel for payment terminals or multi-media advertising.

2012 - Another world first - i Series electric fence systems

In 2012, Gallagher released another world first - the i Series energizer system, designed to quickly and easily monitor fence performance, keeping farmers informed of any problems immediately.

2012 - Premium Integrated Security

2012 - From the hub of activity to the perimeter fenceline - Gallagher expands its security technology platform with Command Centre 7.05, delivering enhanced security around the world.

2010 - Sheep Drafting on Auto Pilot

2010 - Gallagher unveils the award winning sheep auto drafter, a fully automated weighing and drafting system that is quieter, and easier to set up than its competitors.

2010 - Smart Fence - International Acclaim

2010 - Designed from practical customer insights, the Smart Fence, a four wire, fully portable all-in-one electric fence system is launched and redefines portable fencing.

2008 - Touch Screen Smarts

Towards the end of 2008 the Touch Screen Indicator, the Smart Tsi, is completed and released to market revolutionizing on-farm management. It includes the touch screen, integrated weigh scale and computer management programme.

2008 - Access Plus Perimeter Equals Complete Security

2008 - The strength of Gallagher's access control products and the monitored perimeter fence systems are combined to create the Gallagher Trophy FT, a complete security solution.

2007 - Clean Green and Vapour Free Fuel Solutions

2007, the VR2 solution is developed, a central vac system that can be retrofitted to existing fuel bowsers. Vapour is sucked from a cars fuel tank at the same rate as fuel is dispersed limiting dispersion into the atmosphere.

2007 - Animal Management Goes Hi-Tech

2007 - With the introduction of EID or Electronic Identification, Gallagher EID reading technology enables individual animals to be automatically identified and traced via a unique number attached to the animal using technology originally developed for human access control.

2006 - PCBs Go Lead Free

In 2006, lead free Printed Circuit Boards are assembled at the Marton workshop highlighting our commitment to sustainability and our lean philosophies.

2004 - First Walk Over System

The Dairy Scale - the world's first standalone automatic walk-overweigh system is released to the dairy industry.

2000 - A NZ Customs Secure Export Partner

Following 9/11, security threats placed immense pressure on export security requirements and in response, New Zealand Customs introduced the Secure Supply Partnerships agreement aiming for a smoother path past customs, immigration and agricultural inspectors globally. Recognizing its significance Gallagher was one of the first to sign the export agreement and promptly introduced tighter security on site.

1990's - Integrated Security System

The end of the 1990's was the development of Gallagher Security's integrated first central control platform – integrating access control, alarm management, alarm monitoring, remote digital imaging, intercom, photo ID badging.

1998 - World's First Intelligent Energizer

Gallagher's animal management customers wanted something more from their electric fence - and in response to customer needs we delivered the first intelligent energizer that 'talked' to the fence.

1990's - Deter And Detect - The Original And The Best

Early 90s - Recognising that electric fencing had wider benefits, Gallagher launches the first security monitored pulse system in the world to combine the principles of deter and detect, and offer independent high voltage zones.

1980's - World's First Security Access Control Device

The earlys 80s witnesses a world first – a microprocessor reader designed to help companies control access to secure areas of their buildings or sites. The company Cardax is formed in Marton, New Zealand.

1970's - Gallagher Goes Global

In the early 70s, farmers overseas saw the advantages of electric fence technology and our focus turned to delivering our innovation to the rest of the world.

1958 - First Battery Powered Energizers

Bill Gallagher Senior works on a battery-powered electric fence unit that could be used to safely electrify wire fencing. He began selling these devices in the late 1930’s.

1940's - Production In Full Flow

By the late 1940’s production of the electric fence unit was well underway. The company also diversified into farm equipment like fertiliser spreaders.

1938 - New Zealand's First Energizer

Bill Senior designs his first electric fence after searching for ways to stop his horse “Joe” scratching up against the family car. A skilled engineer and inventor, Bill came up with a simple but ingenious system that utilised the car’s magneto to give the horse an electric shock every time it rocked the vehicle.