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Evan Morgans

Chief Marketing Officer - Security

Evan Morgans

Evan joined Gallagher in 2008 following a career of senior management roles for international brands, including Microsoft, focusing on strategic product development and support.

As Chief Marketing Officer for Security, he says he's inspired by Gallagher's commitment to customers.

"Every decision we make is focussed on improving our customer experience, whether it's creating better products, delivering a better user experience or through interactions with end-users".

Having previously led the software product team at Gallagher, Evan knows only too well how strongly the team is committed to solving the customer's biggest problems.

He says, "Our creative marketing team have the great privilege of connecting the dots between the solutions we provide and the challenges our customers are facing.  We aim to get those messages across in ever more compelling ways and be as customer focussed and relentlessly innovative in our approach to communications as we are in bringing these ground breaking ideas to market".