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Dan Geller

Vice President of Sales and Marketing (North America) - Animal Management

Dan Geller

Dan Geller, Vice President of Sales and Marketing in North America, is responsible for developing partnerships with Gallagher North America Animal Management.

Dan appreciates the commitment Gallagher has to enduring relationships, particularly as he is firm believer in driving a team culture and ensuring that employees have the resources, support and autonomy to be successful.

Dan has over 25 years of experience in sales, operations and sales management in both the private and public sectors, and brings a varied background in both distribution and manufacturing. His experience started with General Electric (GE) where he started as a sales representative and finished up as the general manager of Southwest Operations.

Since joining Gallagher in late 2011, Dan has strengthened his North American team by applying the same principles he learned earlier in his career where focus, time management and hard work were key drivers to success.

Dan says - “It’s exciting to lead a highly motivated, hardworking team that is as driven by a desire to deliver excellent customer service as I am. We as a team are willing to make the hard decisions to achieve profitable growth while always being focused on the Gallagher values and never compromising on integrity.”