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Rob Heebink

Research and Development Executive

Rob Heebink

Rob's vision is extremely clear - "Innovation is not an R&D activity, it is a business activity”.

"In other words, all parts of the business need to work together to identify opportunities and new possibilities, contribute to the generation of new ideas, and take responsibility for their respective roles in the realisation of new products and solutions.
Rob stepped into the R&D Executive role at Gallagher in 2008 after holding a variety of senior R&D management positions in New Zealand-based global technology companies.
“In order for our products to be truly innovative in the customers’ eyes, the products need to solve real-world problems. Therefore, innovation cannot be successful unless we truly understand our customers.”
And to enable customer-centric innovation, improved structures and processes have been developed and implemented. Rob is an experienced Executive with extensive international experience in operations and R&D management. With his unique combination of Engineering and International Business Strategy qualifications and experience, Rob specialises in aligning Research and Development activities with business strategy and developing Research and Development as a strategic capability for sustainable growth and competitive advantage in International Business.