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Kahl Betham

Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director

Kahl Betham

Kahl Betham was appointed CEO for the Group in February 2021 following two years as Deputy CEO.

Since joining Gallagher in 1997, Kahl has held roles ranging from software engineering, business analysis and product management, and headed Gallagher’s Security business unit from 2015 to March 2019.

Stepping up into his new role as Deputy CEO for the Group in April 2019, Kahl not only has executive responsibility for Gallagher Security, but also guides the company’s broad range of shared services teams spanning Operations, Research & Development, Information Services, and People & Brand, supporting them in their work to enable superb services for Gallagher’s business units to redefine what’s possible for customers.  Kahl is a member of Gallagher’s Board of Directors.

“Bill Gallagher Senior founded culture that is incredibly unique – it is our continued focus on values, behaviors and attitudes that will propel us to new heights going forward,” Kahl says.  “Those are things we will continue to place importance on to delight our customers and community and make our employees proud of who we are.”