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In the Community

Being part of Gallagher means being part of an enduring partnership with the community we work and play in around the globe.

We're proud of our partnerships with a variety of sporting, arts and community events. Whilst we support many initiatives all over the world, a large percentage of our sponsorship dollar goes to the local communities in which the lion’s share of our workforce is based.

Gallagher is heavily involved in the community and our support is something we take great pride in. To ensure our investment aligns with our purpose and values, we're currently redesigning what our support looks like in the community.

Please note, we will not be accepting any new sponsorships during this time. You’re welcome to submit a proposal for consideration, but please be aware, we may not respond for some time.

Applications to the Gallagher Foundation are still being accepted.

Being a part of Gallagher means building lasting relationships with the community we work and play in around the globe.

We currently partner with a large variety of sporting, arts and community events and believe in supporting the communities in which we operate.

We provide support in two ways:

  • Gallagher Sponsorship – We partner with events, teams, arts, community, and other organisations who have aligned values and can help Gallagher achieve various business objectives. With our sponsorships we look to be involved and work alongside them to develop mutually beneficial outcomes for both of us.

  • Gallagher Foundation – We recognise not everyone has the capacity or resources to partner with Gallagher under our sponsorship requirements. Organisations can apply for funding through the Gallagher Foundation, where a panel will review the merits of the request. These tend to be more philanthropic in nature.

If you'd like to apply for sponsorship, please fill in this form.