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Commitment to Quality

It's in our Orange DNA to employ outstanding quality principals in everything we do - from our commitment to social responsibility, to our suppliers, to our final products and manufacturing certifications.

Our commitment to quality starts with our Corporate Social Responsibility which redefines what's possible for our staff and the world we live in. We're invested in employing a diverse workforce, to the well-being of our staff, and to enhancing our specialist know-how through training.

Our quality expectations then flow through to what we expect from our suppliers, which is why we have created the CORE Brilliance programme, a programme that educates and empowers our suppliers to provide quality components for our products.

Finally, we're proud to deliver products that exceed expectations in terms of quality. Our purpose built, independent testing lab is equipped with state of the art equipment so we can put all of our products through rigorous testing programmes before they leave the door through specialist equipment like the Highly Accelerated Life Testing chamber, which pushes products beyond 'normal' operating situations with temperatures up to 200C and down to -100C, along with vibration forces up to 50G.

This quality commitment is validated by our global ISO 9001:2015 certification at all three of our manufacturing sites, which demands establishment of a quality management system for our business practices, and annual audits. In addition to this, our Fuel Systems business unit holds ISO/IEC 80079-34:2011 which specifies particular requirements and information for establishing and maintaining a quality system to manufacture Explosive equipment.

You may download copies of these certificates from the left sidebar.