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Fuel Systems

Gallagher leads the way with innovative fuel dispenser systems for service stations throughout Australasia. With advancements in forecourt equipment we can deliver a return on investment for vapour recovery compliance to pay-at-pump displays driving customers into your convenience store.

Fuel Systems business transitions from Gallagher

Gallagher Fuel Systems (previously PEC) has been acquired by long serving Managing Director, Richard Coxon. A two-year transition period is underway effective August 2021 to ensure a smooth transition for staff, customers and business partners.

Gallagher purchased PEC in 1999. Under the Gallagher brand the business has continued to develop and manufacture fuel dispensing solutions which are market leading in accuracy and efficiency. Gallagher Fuel Systems also provide Electronic Manufacturing services across a wide range of industries for customers in New Zealand and Australia.

The future for Richard and the team of 100 people is exciting, and looking at the chapter ahead, diversification into hydrogen will form part of the ongoing journey to be a market leader across Australia and New Zealand.

The current team in Marton remain onboard and the business will operate as usual. A company name change will follow in the coming months.

For more information, please see here. For any questions, don’t hesitate to email fuelsystems@gallagher.com.

Gallagher continues to develop future-proofing technologies that complement fuel pump manufacture to make service station systems simpler, smarter and more profitable.

By applying our expertise, we have created new vapour recovery innovations in fuel dispensing designs delivering cleaner and greener forecourts.

Product leadership is a substantial foundation of our strategy. Gallagher is committed to on-going development and manufacturing of quality products. Championed by a dedicated Product Management team, our Research and Development department works closely together with Technical Service engineers, Authorised Service Providers and our clients, to deliver brilliant simplicity in all our products.
Gallagher’s philosophy in system design reflects our commitment to long term customer satisfaction. Gallagher’s fuel dispensing solutions are designed to meet the needs of any service station and can be integrated with other systems for a complete on-site solution. Our users benefit from our customisation service that provides modified stock on a ‘one-off’ or full production run basis. As with all Gallagher products and services, our commitment to innovation is driven by our customers and their changing needs.

For more information visit our Fuel Systems website.