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Employee Directory - Internal Phonebook Corporate Intranet

Design Ideas and Screenshots

by Mark Gallagher (screenshots used in presentations at intranet conferences 2003 - 2004)


Example #1 - Phonebook Entry Page - Short Form
Note: the entry page automatically displays your 10 most recent lookups.


Intranet Phonebook Entry Page



Example #2 - Phonebook Entry Page - Long Form
Note: the long form lets you do many combinations.  Very helpful in a large organization where you may only remember a partial name
but also remember a city or floor number.


Intranet Phonebook Entry Page - long form


Example #3 - Phonebook listing page
Note: example of search of all the gallaghers in chicago.


Employee Directory - Listing Page


Example #4 - Phonebook Detail Page
Note: "Personal Profile" can be easily and quickly changed by the employee.


Intranet Phonebook - Employee Detail Page


Example #5 - Dynamic Org Charts in Phonebook
Note: The most popular feature in the Phonebook.  Each employee record contains a single click org chart that displays
employees above and below the employee.  Very useful to find a back-up person or to escalate a customer issue.


Org Chart - Corporate Intranet


Example #6 - User Feedback - Dynamic Org Charts in Phonebook
Note: we did a quick poll the day after launching the new org chart function. These are the results.




These screenshots were presented and discussed at professional conferences during the period
2003 to 2004 by Mark Gallagher with permission from his management at Bank One.  They are provided
for information sharing purposes only.



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September 2006

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