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Intranet Home Page Screenshots

by Mark Gallagher (screenshots used in presentations at intranet conferences 2000 - 2004)


Example #1 - Bank One Intranet Portal  "Concept "
This is a concept we developed in 2004 for a new Bank One intranet home page.  The concept uses a very simple and clean design.


Intranet Home Page


Example #2 - Bank One Intranet Home Page - 2004
We moved to a cleaner design in 2003.  We also added a "Top Story" like CNN to feature important internal news.


Intranet Home Page - Large Bank



Example #3 - Bank One Intranet Home Page - 2002
Our graphic designer back in 2002 liked stronger colors.


Intranet Home Page Design - 2002 Concept


Example #4 - Dell Intranet Home Page - 1999
Our team met with Dell in 1999 to share best practices and we liked the clean layout of the design and simple clustered links..


Intranet Home Page - Dell


These screenshots were presented and discussed at professional conferences during the period
2000 to 2004 by Mark Gallagher with permission from his management at Bank One.  They are provided
for information sharing purposes only.



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September 2006

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